Pool & Beach

Nearly Natural Areca Palm

Best Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees

Published July 23, 2019 Last Updated September 1, 2019

Our pool area and patio are completely screened in to keep the pool cleaner and keep bugs out. We wanted a way to green up the patio around the pool without having to maintain live plants. We travel a lot so keeping real plants watered would be difficult. The obvious solution was artificial plants. The quality of many artificial plants out there is not good. The last thing we wanted was something that had that obvious ‘fake plant’ look. We also needed something that would hold up against the hot Florida sun and occasional thunder storms. After a long search…

Dock and Bay Microfiber Towels pastel

Best Towels for Pool or Beach or Gym

Published July 10, 2019 Last Updated July 10, 2019

Tired of Being a Pack Mule The last time one of our daughters and her family visited we all decided to go to the beach. As I was gathering items I had a difficult time carrying everything, even in a couple of bags. The main problem was the amount of space six towels took. Shortly after moving to Florida and a house with a swimming pool, I bought two Dock and Bay Microfiber Towels for me and my husband. They come in a lot of pretty colors, are absorbent, dry quickly, and best of all they fold down really small….