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My daughter, Lee Anne, told me the Nespresso Essenza Mini makes the best coffee ever. I was skeptical. The last time Lee Anne visited us from Texas she ordered a Nespresso Essenza Mini from Amazon and had it shipped to my home beforehand.

She knows I have two coffeemakers in my kitchen but she said she couldn’t endure a week without her Nespresso coffee. “You’ll see. Once you try it, you’ll love it,” she told me. I’m certain I rolled my eyes. One more thing to store in my pantry after she leaves, I thought.

The first few days of her visit I declined her offer when she asked me if I’d like one of her coffees. I had to admit, the aroma was amazing, but I had iced coffee stored in the frig so I stuck to that.

The third day my decanter of iced coffee was empty so I took her up on her offer. I grabbed my Yeti (I live in Florida where owning a Yeti is mandatory), filled it with ice, and waited while she made me a coffee. After a very short time, she handed me my coffee with a smile, anticipating my response. I had to admit, the coffee not only had a heavenly aroma, it also looked delicious! It had just a little creamy foam on the top. My coffee makers can’t do that in one step. But still, I wasn’t convinced. I liked the coffee from both of my coffee makers. I poured a little creamer into the coffee cup and then poured it into my ice filled Yeti. And then. I took. A single sip. I was convinced.

Lee Anne watched me, smiling. “Right?” she asked.

I nodded. “Make me another one.” After all, my large Yeti was only half full.

“I told you,” she said as she laughed and made me another coffee.

Now, every morning, it’s me, some ice, my Yeti, and two Forisso Lungos. That’s my favorite flavor. The Nespresso Essenza mini is actually a coffeemaker that makes espresso – basically small cups of strong coffee. It makes two sizes of coffee. ESPRESSO setting is 1.6 oz. LUNGO is 5 oz. One capsule makes one coffee.

You can use either of those settings or you can “train” your Nepresso Essenza mini to make the perfect size coffee for you. Simply hold down either the Espresso or Lungo button on top of the coffeemaker until the coffee cup fills to the appropriate level. Then the next time you use that particular flavor capsule, your coffeemaker will remember your desired level and fill it appropriately. I absolutely love this feature! Totally custom coffee every morning (and, who are we kidding, sometimes in the afternoon too!). One capsule makes one cup of coffee. I make two cups every morning and pour them over ice in my large Yeti cup. Instant iced coffee!

As I said, my favorite flavor is Forisso Lungo and it is one of the flavors that is included in the Nespresso Original Welcome Kit that comes with the coffeemaker linked below. The welcome kit has 16 capsules of different flavors. The capsules are recyclable, which is really nice. This coffeemaker takes up very little space on the counter and makes an amazing cup of coffee in about 30 seconds. Every morning, it’s a treat to just stand in the kitchen and smell the aroma. It’s like owning my own little coffee shop.

My other two coffee makers still get used by my husband. He uses one for hot coffee and the other for iced coffee. He says he doesn’t need “fancy” coffee. As of this writing, he still hasn’t even tried the Nespresso. Is it bad that I’m happy about that? I really don’t want to share. If I ever went to the pantry to find that he had used the last of my Nespresso coffee capsules, it would be really ugly. So, it’s just best to avoid that. Right?

As for me and Lee Anne, we loooooooove our fancy coffee. I have to say it. She was right. The Nespresso Essenza Mini makes the best coffee ever.

As I write this, I’m on a plane headed to Lee Anne’s home. She texted me this morning – I just ordered some extra coffee capsules for us.

That’s my girl.

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  1. Jessica Morse on May 1, 2020 at 12:46 AM

    Hi Cheryl! It’s Jessica, the girl from the plane that flew to Indiana for her puppy😊 I have been following Your daughters since you told me about her and now you. So cool how successful you have both been with this adventure and I just love everything y’all post. Anyways, I have always been curious about the nespresso. I just drink regular coffee with a flavored creamer like hazelnut or sweet cream. How do you think it compares to that? I can’t drink black, I like it a little sweet. Do you think it taste similar?

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